The function of fats

Eating fat is essential for a balanced diet.  The term fats include both fats and oils.  Fats tend to be solid at room temperature while oils are liquid.  The functions of fats and oils in the body are basically the same.  Fats are needed for:

  • Providing us with a concentrated source of energy as 1g of fat provides 9kcals of energy
  • Making all body cells
  • Keeping the body warm, it forms adipose tissue under the skin
  • Protecting vital organs such as the kidneys
  • Providing the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K
  • Providing the essential fatty acids.

In addition, fats and oils have an important role in improving the flavour, texture and smell of the food we eat.  They make food crispy, crumbly and moist.  Fats and oils slow down the stomach from emptying and take longer to digest.  This can make you feel satisfied and full for a longer period of time after eating foods rich in fat.

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