Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin.  Fat-soluble vitamins can be stored in the body for months and even years.  They are stored in the liver and do not need to be eaten in large amounts.


•Growth and development of the body.

•Protecting the body – it is an antioxidant.

•Keeping the skin and the membranes in the body healthy.

•Helping vision in dim light.


Sources:  There are two types.

•Retinol: From animal sources (eggs, oily fish, liver, full fat milk).

•Beta-carotene: Vegetable sources (Yellow, red and green leafy vegetables), yellow fruit – mangos.


Deficiency:  Very rare in the UK.  Deficiency is called night blindness – failure to see well in dim light and can lead to blindness.


Excess: Can be poisonous if eaten in large amounts.  Pregnant women should avoid eating large amounts as it may harm their developing baby.


Dietary Reference Value (DRV):

4-10years: 500mcg (M & F)

14 years: 600mcg (M & F)

Adults: 700mcg (M), 600mcg (F)

Older adults (over 50): 700mcg


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