What can affect gelatinisation?

Amount of liquid:

  • A small amount of starch in proportion to the liquid = a runny sauce.
  • A large amount of starch – thicker sauce.

Types of starch used:  Cornflour is better than flour for thickening because it is pure starch.

Temperature:  Requires hot, moist conditions.  Starch will not dissolve in cold water and cannot thicken cool liquids.  It will start to thicken between 75-87ºC.

Stirring: Essential for the creation of a smooth, gelatinised sauce.  If not used, starch grains will absorb liquid and stop liquid reaching other grains = lumpy.

Sugar: Competes with starch for water.  Sugar makes sauce runnier and less likely to remain stable.

Acids: Added after it has thickened or it can break down.

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